We care and understand that your home or investment property is quite likely your largest asset. As such that demands we treat your sale with the utmost respect, care and skill. That is why and Edge agent will be the right choice.

Our hard working, highly skilled team are here to achieve the best result for you. From our tailored marketing strategies, through to expert negotiations and the final sale, we'll ensure the entire process is smooth, easy to understand and stress free. Our agents come highly recommended, are skilled communicators and above all absolutely passionate about exceeding your expectations. We work on your behalf, which means we bring the same dedication to your property as if we were selling our own home.

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Tips for selling

There are two methods of sale that are most commonly used for the sale of residential property. They are Private Treaty and Auction. Each method has advantages.
A skilled agent realises that each property's marketing strategy is unique and as such both should be properly considered and explained to you:


  • First impressions count. As soon as your house is on the market, potential buyers are likely to drive past. It is important that the house is well presented and welcoming.
  • Mow the lawn, sweep the driveway and foot paths, remove any debris from the side of the house.
  • Clean windows inside and out. Brush away cobwebs. Touch up any cracking or peeling paint from gutters and eaves.
  • Plant some welcoming cheery flowers near the front door.
  • Tidy the yard. Pack away any gardening tools, bikes or toys.


  • First impressions count. Consider what the buyers will see, smell and hear when first entering your home. Ensure doors open and close easily, and door bells are working.
  • Fresh air is best, air off the house by opening the windows to let fresh air in. Important after cooking or if you have pets. Pets scent should be minimised by keeping your pets outside during the time we are selling your home.
  • Open the curtains or blinds to let as much natural light in as possible.
  • Ensure the house is warm in winter. Turn the heating on well before the time of the exhibition and leave the heating on during the exhibition.
  • Minimise clutter, pack away personal items, such as bills, toys and shoes. Leave the kitchen bench clear packing away all food and appliances such as the toaster and kettle.
  • If you have a dog, pack away all pet bowls and bedding. Try to keep pets outside as much as possible to minimise their scent. If you have dog take it with you during the exhibition so that buyers are free to walk around the home and backyard.


  • Clean, clean and clean. Vacuum the floors and clean the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet.
  • Ensure the living rooms and bedrooms are tidy. Pack away any personal items and minimise clutter.
  • Leave the house with a fresh clean smell. Use mildly scented cleaning products.
  • Open blinds and curtains to allow light to come into the house. Open windows on a warm day, to let fresh air in.
  • Leave the house during the exhibitions. Buyers often feel more comfortable if you are not present at the exhibitions.
  • If you have a pet, take it with you during the exhibition. It is a great opportunity to take your dog to the park or for a walk.


Downsizing can be a stressful time. It's not just the sale of what is your family home with years of memories. There is also the planning of where, how and when you can sell and move.

Steven Thomas has helped many retirees make this move successfully and is fast becoming an authority in this area. From coordinating the sale strategy to ensure you get the right price at the right time, considering possible concessions which may apply, and making sure you only have to move belongings once is essential.

Steven can bring a degree of empathy to this final move which is often unmatched by other agents. The reason for this is Steven has a human sciences background in counseling and previously worked as a family counsellor at the YMCA. This unique combination of skills makes Steven a good choice for retirees considering downsizing and relocating.


  • What do you need to do to your own home before sale?
  • Auction or Private treaty sale?
  • Are you eligible for any government concessions?
  • What will you be taking with you and what are your prepared to leave?
  • What coordination is required to sell and ensure you only have to move belongings once?
  • How much space do you really need?
  • How important is location and your existing social networks?
  • Do you need assisted accommodation?
  • Where are your current doctors located?
  • What are the ongoing costs to where you are moving?

Marketing Options

The marketing of your home requires careful consideration. There is a range of options underneath Private Treaty and Auction sales.


Here you set a marketing price with the agent and the buyers put offers forward. This may lead to higher offers but can exclude some buyers who want a more direct pricing model up front.


Here a price range is offered eg. $560,000-$600,000. This has the effect of attracting people at both ends of the range so may lead to higher numbers of potential buyers through the property. However if a price is offered in the range and rejected by you the property must be advertised at a new range above the offered price.


Here a set single advertised price is put on the property. However buyers often assume you have added 5-10% so may offer under the advertised price.


Here a set single advertised price is put on the property. However buyers often assume you have added 5-10% so may offer under the advertised price.


Auctions are the alternative to the above Private Treaty styles. Auctions normally involve a four-week campaign prior to auction. You also set a reserve price at which (if reached) the property can be sold on auction day.

If the property does not sell at auction the home is then offered for sale by Private Treaty. Homes that are passed in at auction often sell in the weeks after auction.

Irrespective of the style of your home and selling needs, we will discuss with you the best campaign that suits your selling requirements.

Steps Involved In Selling

Selling a property can seem overwhelming. Here's a breakdown of the process from start to finish.


  • Organise for us to provide you with a free market appraisal. This will provide you with a current estimated value of your home.
  • Let us know you've chosen us your Agent.
  • Sign our listing agreement.


  • If you haven't already done so, we can organise for a Contract for Sale to be drafted by your solicitor.
  • We'll then arrange for compliance, pest and EER inspections and reports to be provided for your home, if you haven't already done so.
  • A professional photographer will take the photos of your home for the marketing campaign.


  • Your solicitor provides us with the Contract for Sale.
  • We then begin preparing your marketing materials including Allhomes listing, Photo Signboards, Exhibition Flyers, Letterbox Drops and Canberra Times Advertisements if requested.
  • Our team prepare your home for the exhibition.
  • In consultation with you, we will agree upon the exhibition times.
  • Exhibitions will take place at the agreed times, at your home.


  • We'll negotiate a sales price with potential buyers.
  • The offer is then presented to you for your consideration. You can choose to accept the offer, return to buyer with a counter offer or decline.
  • We'll advise the buyer of your decision.
  • Once the offer is accepted by you, we'll prepares the sales instructions for the solicitors.
  • Your solicitor and the buyers solicitor will arrange for the Exchange of Contracts, which generally occurs 2 weeks after the offer being accepted. Once the contracts are exchanged your home is now sold.


  • The Settlement period commences and settlement generally occurs 4 weeks later.
  • Close to settlement day you move out, and leave the house in a clean state.
  • The buyer will undertake a pre-settlement inspection the day before settlement.
  • Settlement occurs. The buyers are provided with the keys and access to their new home. You receive the proceeds of the sale. Sales fees are paid to Edge Real Estate.

Private Treaty & Auction

There are two methods of sale that are most commonly used for the sale of residential property. They are Private Treaty and Auction. Each method has advantages.
A skilled agent realises that each property's marketing strategy is unique and as such both should be properly considered and explained to you:


  • As the seller, you set the asking price
  • Your potential buyers are aware through advertising that the home is within their price range
  • Buyers can place offers and begin negotiation immediately once your property is advertised
  • Market feedback is provided to you in ongoing with Agent reports
  • As the seller, can adjust the price at anytime through the campaign
  • Private treaty is the most simple and flexible method.


  • As the seller, you set the reserve price and decide on a finite intense marketing program
  • The competitive auction environment can create a greater sense of urgency amongst potential buyers, which may result in higher sales price as there is no ceiling price
  • You can adjust your reserve price on the day of the auction if it is not met
  • The reserve price is confidential but the property is announced as on market once your reserve price is reached
  • Contracts exchange on close of auction if your reserve price is met
  • A deposit is payable to you on the day and settlement is normally 30 days following
  • Ultimately the market will determine the final sale price of your property.